Accentuating Her Through Women’s Fashion Photography

Women’s fashion photography can be so much fun! Having fantastic looking models and helping them really get into character can be a really great time and with the help of continuous, colored light bars, you can tell a great story.


Just a hint of red or a flood of green can bring out what the model is wearing, not just that it is a fashionable piece of clothing, but that you can feel like the model’s character when wearing them.


When taking women’s fashion photography, a large Godox light or continuous lights can help you accentuate their femininity and bring out what the clothing is.


Women’s fashion photography has so many facets available and just setting a light in a certain spot can help bring out whatever feature you are focusing on.


Additionally, changing the white balance in your camera can help you accentuate the colors and feelings through the tones of the photo.


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