Making Images Pop with Post Photoshop Editing

A huge skill that any photographer should learn to develop is some post Photoshop editing. This can allow any picture, whether is looks great out of camera or needs a little more attention, to really stand out.

For this picture, I did a few edits on Adobe Camera Raw. These edits include bringing up the exposure, shadows, and blacks, and taking down the whites and the highlights. This will allow you to go into your post Photoshop editing with a photo that is a little easier to work with. This part of the process, usually takes no more than a minute or two.

SydneyJolley-PostPhotoshopEditing2 SydneyJolley-PostPhotoshopEditing1

Once you being your post Photoshop editing, you can start  playing around with the different options and modes. For this picture, I started out by removing some dirt on her pants and on the backpack, just to clean it up a bit. I then sharpened the image using smart sharpen, then worked on some selective dodging and burning on the clothes and the backpack. I personally enjoy dodging and burning and like the effect that it gives, but it is your preference.

I then did a color lookup layer in which I selected the Crisp Warm color and brought the opacity down to my liking, just to add a little warmer color to the image.

The nice thing about post Photoshop editing, once you start to develop your skills, is you can do these edits pretty quickly and you are able to create your own style.

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