Creating a personal style plan to jump-start a business

As a project, I created a look book so that I can start furthering my photography business.


In this look book I have three sections, fine art prints, product photography, and food photography. I hope to further my business by showing this look book to potential clients who might want to see my own personal style to see if they would like to have me photograph their products or provide fine art prints.


For this project I started with a mood board to get an idea of what I wanted it to be. This mood board included colors and layout ideas that I wanted to use.


Doing this project reminded me of the two years I spent as an athletics co-editor on the yearbook staff in high school. Those two years allowed me to learn a lot about the design principles when making a book that will be seen by a large group of people. It is crucial to remember that although there will be many eyes on those pages, it is still important to remember to add your own personal style. I really tried to add this personal style throughout the book as I added elements of my logo on each page as well as the style I had in the photography that I included in the book.

Check out my look book here!

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