Taking an Ordinary Spot and Making it Into an Extraordinary Shot

Life is full of ordinary spots. These are the places and things that we almost take for granted each day as we live our lives going from one thing to another, but if we simply decide to take a new perspective on these ordinary spots through the lens of a camera, we can get a pretty extraordinary shot! This process, coined by Caryn Esplin (check out her student’s examples here!) allows one to think outside the box to achieve an extraordinary shot, putting your photography above the rest.


Here, I actually drew a quick outline of a simple dress. I was trying to do my own take on a designer named Shamekh Bluwi and his work with fashion and photography (see his work here). I wanted to use the beautiful blue sky to achieve this extraordinary shot. Standing on the balcony in front of my apartment, I captured the ordinary spot and then used the outline of the dress to make it into an extraordinary shot!

SydneyJolley-OrdinarySpot-ExtraordinaryShot1.1 SydneyJolley-OrdinarySpot-ExtraordinaryShot1

For this extraordinary shot, I simply had my roommate shake my water bottle in front of our window as the sun was setting. I have always loved the colors of a sunset and the way light plays with the water in my water bottle. Combining the two became my goal for this shot. I love the way the movement of the water was captured so nicely, meshing with the light from the sunset.

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