Amazing Nature Photography Captured Around the Sky Mountain Lodge

Just 3.5 miles away from Victor, Idaho, there lies a small little ranch and on it lies the Sky Mountain Lodge. I had the chance to take a trip recently to this quaint little lodge and take some amazing nature photography around the property.


The forests around the lodge held so much wonder and it was so cool to explore every detail.


One way that I love to do that is through a macro lens, picking up on everything the world around me has to offer. It was in the little details that I was able to discover little worlds and strange, alien-like plants.


Nature photography can hold so much and as a photographer, we can use our cameras to open whatever is being held around us.


Around the lodge, there were acres of beautiful aspen and pine trees. After a light dusting of snow the first night of our trip, the landscape took on a whole new identity as the fall colors still remained, but the gleaming white snow remained.


And if you are lucky enough, you might be able to capture some really wild nature photography of some wild cake-stuffers!


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