Exploring Grand Teton National Park and Capturing Some Amazing Landscape Photography

Landscape photography has always been something that intrigues me, but also scares me just a little bit. During a recent trip to Grand Teton National Park, I was able to really test out my abilities in landscape photography and begin to train my eyes to see beautiful shots in front of me.


We started our day very early to get some amazing shots during golden hour. It was about 5 degrees along that river, but I was able to get down along the frost covered bank of Ox Bow Bend and get an amazing landscape of the sun lighting up the mountains.


One trick to landscape photography is to have something in the foreground, middle ground, and background. This was my goal during each stop that we made.


Getting low to the ground can really help you achieve some amazing depth within your shot.


Along with some great landscapes, I was also able to get really abstract pictures to take a twist on landscape photography.


Seeing the landscape from a whole new perspective can allow you to take your landscape photography to a whole new level.


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