How to get a captivating headshot

In the growing world of business and networking, having a good headshot portrait is vital to landing any kind of position in an organization. The ability to take a good headshot, therefore, is an important tool in a photographer’s arsenal.

On a recent photography excursion, we had the chance to take headshots of those who were in attendance. It was really fun to get these shots as we visited sites such as Schwabacher Landing and String Lake in Grand Teton National Park.


Two important tools to have with you when taking headshots are an auxiliary light such as a Godox light (which is what we used) or a speedlight. Either one will work perfect.


Another great tool is a reflector or a diffuser of some kind to help the light go where you would like it to, whether that be under the eyes or spread out on the model.


Knowing these skills can help you land clients that will allow your photography business to grow.


Check out some of Dylan Patrick’s headshot photography here!