Stunning Golden Hour Photography Can Bring Your Surrounding into a Whole New Light

Golden Hour and Blue Hour are when a nature photographer is really able to spread their wings and create some true masterpieces.


During a trip to Victor, Idaho and Grand Teton National Park, I had the chance to spread my own wings and take some breathtaking golden hour photography. At first, I was not really excited to take these pictures. It was cold and I was exhausted at this point in our trip. However, I tried my hand at making golden hour photography something I would enjoy.


I took a macro lens out with me and tried to get some good shots.


When you take pictures with a macro lens, you need a lot of light. Normally, during golden hour, you have a lot of subjects that glow in the sunlight, but when there are many clouds – as there were on the day I went out – it was difficult to get any good shots. I, however, remained patient because I knew my chances to get some good golden hour photography were there. I just had to trust myself and my camera.


I was also able to get some really amazing golden hour photography in Grand Teton National Park following a sunrise shoot. We stopped on the side of the road and found these gorgeous horses. It’s amazing what warm light can do.


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