Playing with Frozen Motion Photography with a Twist

During a photography excursion I took earlier this Fall, I got the chance to play with some frozen motion and how to balance the light to capture that frozen motion.

When I started to plan what I wanted to do for this picture, I wanted it to be very unique. I wanted to get the frozen motion of the sugar, but I didn’t want it to simply come down onto the strawberry. So, I decided to flip the spoon upside-down and tape the strawberry to the spoon.


In order to get the frozen motion, I had my shutter speed at 1/100 (you can raise this to get even sharper frozen motion in your photography), an f/stop at f/3.2 and an ISO of 125 to compensate for the speed light we were using.

In post, I wanted to take a real artistic focus on this type of photography. I decided to flip the sugar stream, spoon, and strawberry upside-down, black out the background, and clone out the stream of sugar.


I wasn’t sure how the result would come out, but I was pleasantly surprised when this picture came out.


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