Bringing Out the Inner Man with Men’s Fashion Photography

Portrait photography has never been my forte, but recently I had the chance to go to The Venue in Rigby, Idaho and learn more about what goes into fashion photography specifically.


While I was shooting the men’s fashion photography during this session, I tried to focus on making the clothes speak masculinity. With pictures like these of the more business/wedding look, the objective was easy.


Using both continuous lights and large Godox and speedlights, I was able to bring out the effect I was looking for.


Additionally, using the lights to your advantage can mask the model’s face and help you focus on the clothing.


When taking themed men’s fashion photography, you are able to get a little more creative. Using color continuous light bars, you can get some really interesting portraits that may distort the piece of clothing, but in reality can produce a killer shot!


Check out Cynthia Carter’s amazing men’s fashion photography here!