What is the trick for an epic portrait?

An epic-looking portrait can be difficult to create, but if you have the right equipment, you can create a really captivating photo.

One of the common mistakes that people make when taking portraits is over-exposing the background. This can cause the model to look washed out and create confusion for the viewer.


Another common issue that people have it under-exposing the model. This will cause the background to look normal, but the model to look way to dark.


Many people think that these problems can be solved in post, but for the most part, it will not solve the issue completely. The picture will come out noisy or unprofessional-looking.

In order to accomplish an epic portrait, you will want to acquire a few pieces of lighting equipment that will help your pictures shine.


A reflector, speedlights, and flash benders will place the light on the model correctly so that you won’t have any under- or over-exposed areas in your portrait.

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