Food Photography so delicious-looking, it’ll make your mouth water

Another thing that I was able to do on my the photo excursion that I went on last month was play around with some food photography.


Many of the people who joined my on this excursion made some delicious food and set them up in some beautiful displays, accenting them with different things such as sprinkling flour, macaroons, flowers, or fruit. These accents can really make a difference in helping you tell a story within your photography.


Another thing that I think is essential to food photography is adding certain elements to your picture through dodging and burning.


I think that this feature can bring out the texture of the food and make it look even more delicious.


It is important to remember not to do too much dodging and burning otherwise your food starts to look fake and unappetizing.


Finding just the right amount will let you create some fantastic food photography. It is all a matter of trial and error.



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