Making a Movie Poster with Some Photoshop Magic

Photoshop has never really been my forte, but having the chance to branch out a little bit with this movie poster actually gave me a boost of confidence in myself about my abilities to edit my photos to be what I want them to be.


Custom Movie Poster


Original Movie Poster

I decided to do my movie poster after the movie “Field of Dreams” with Kevin Costner. It was one of my favorite movies growing up and it reminds me constantly of my family and memories that we share. Baseball was one of those activities that has brought my family very close and this movie has been no exception. In creating this poster, I did a self portrait of myself, using my camera on a tripod and one speed light with a Rogue Flashbender to diffuse the light to mimic the lighting on the original movie poster. In post, I brought the exposure up just a little bit. In Photoshop, I cut out Kevin Costner’s character using the quick selection tool. I then cut myself out and tried to place myself in the best position. This is where I really had to put my Photoshop skills to the test because I had to do quite a bit of cloning to compensate for all the areas where I didn’t quite fit. I was pleasantly surprised with how the movie poster turned out and was able to share with my family my Photoshop success story!

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