Group Photography that Can Tell More Intricate Stories

Portrait photography itself can be pretty intimidating, especially when you are like me and your forte involves placing inanimate objects and creative group photography can be just as daunting.


A few weeks ago, I wen to The Venue in Rigby, Idaho and had the chance at trying some of my own group photography.


I don’t normally seek out these kinds of shoots,  so this was a really interesting experience.


Getting each person to really stand out in group photography can be very tricky. Sometimes one of the models does not get lit very well and thus you have to be creative. I had to do this through post editing by lightening up some of the models to make sure they did not make the other models look blown out.


Additionally, group photography can be really fun for those who like to tell stories through their shots. By adding a second model, you can add a whole new depth to any story you want to tell.



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