Amazing Accessory Photography and What Goes Into It

Fashion shoots can have so many subjects, but one that people sometimes overlook are the accessories.


Accessory photography is very similar to product photography, but when added to fashion, you are able to humanize the product and give it life and a story.


Your model then takes on a whole new character even when you can only see their wrist or their shoes. Additionally, the use of speedlights, continuous lights, and Godox, you can achieve beautiful lighting that will help bring out the details in your accessory photography.


I really enjoyed getting some accessory photography shots during our fashion photo shoot recently, mainly because it taped into the product style photography that I like so much.


It allowed me to take my abilities to think creatively one step farther as I now had a person to work with instead of just placing the object next to some cloth or on top of a box.


For this fashion shoot we also go to go to The Venue in Rigby, Idaho. It was an awesome place to take some really interesting shots and the textures around it were phenomenal! I would definitely recommend it for any kind of reception or party.






Check out some of Carlton’s accessory photography here!