The Rewards of Diligent work in Comm316

Over the past year, I have been able to dive more into the vast ocean of photography. After taking Comm316 while attending Brigham Young University-Idaho, I feel more confident in my skills to go out into the world and take pictures that I am proud of.

SydneyJolley-Comm316Portfolio-MormonRowBarn SydneyJolley-Comm316Portfolio-FallingIntoSugar SydneyJolley-Comm316Portfolio-ApplePie

I have found that I am still trying to figure out my own style, but I have found myself beginning to use dodge and burn in Photoshop on almost every picture that I edit. I find the effect it creates to be captivating especially used on fabrics, bringing out the colors and folds.

SydneyJolley-Comm316Portfolio-WomensFashion SydneyJolley-Comm316Portfolio-FreetheHorses SydneyJolley-Comm3a16Portfolio-MensFashion

If I had to be excited about one thing going into the future after the past year, it would be that I have so many new ways to look at the world. I constantly walk down the street from work or school wondering what a car tire would look like from a certain angle or how I could capture the beautiful lighting on the mountains as the storm clouds break for a few minutes, just wishing I had my camera with me so I could try it.

SydneyJolley-Comm316Portfolio-Watches SydneyJolley-Comm316Portfolio-CandyApple SydneyJolley-Comm3a16Portfolio-MensFashion

I am very grateful for those who have been able to help me see that anything I make can be beautiful, even if it isn’t Nat Geo worthy.

SydneyJolley-Comm316Portfolio-Riverside SydneyJolley-Comm316Portfolio-FreetheHorses

I am extremely grateful to those in my class and to the phenomenal Caryn Esplin who pushed me to become the photographer that I am today.