The Satisfaction of Putting a Fine Art Print in a Frame

Fine Art has to be one of my favorite types of photos to take and to edit. I took this photo during a photo excursion in October 2019. One of the people who came made this wonderful set up of an apple pie. Many people were taking the picture from different, lower angles so I decided to get on top of the counter and get an overlay shot of the pie.


The composition of this shot is really captivating in and of itself, but after adding some edits in Photoshop, it really started to pop.


One edit that I think really adds to a fine art print quite nicely is dodging and burning. I really focused on applying this especially on the fabric, making it look a lot better.


This last week, I finally got to put this Fine Art photo in a frame and up on a wall for people to see. To me, the satisfaction of seeing one my own prints up in a public place is so great! This fine art print is in the Spori Building on the BYU-Idaho campus in Rexburg, Idaho until the first week of December. It is pretty awesome to know that this photo gets to take its place alongside other captivating photos.


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