Creating Your Brand is Essential

When creating any kind of business, one must consider their brand. What do you want your customers to see when they think of your business? How do you want them to feel when doing conducting business with you? These are the important questions one must ask themselves when first establishing their business.


In creating my brand, I wanted my customers to know that I am a photography business, through and through. I created my logo in the shape of a camera with my initials forming the lens and flash of the camera. As a subtle bonus, I tried to take inspiration from a generic Canon camera as I normally shoot my photos on a Canon.


In picking my colors for my brand, I went with cooler grey and blue tones as they produce a calmer feeling. Additionally, I picked a blue that would hint back at my history with blue and the sports teams I follow (Go Dodgers!)


I wanted my fonts to be somewhat different, using a san serif and serif font together, complementing each other on my logo and throughout my website and paperwork.


All in all, I hope that my branding will complement my photography and help customers better remember the quality work that I try to produce.

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