Using the SQIBB Technique to Create Amazing Portrait and Product Photography

The term SQIBB means Studio Quality Invisible Black Background. It is achieved by specific settings on your camera and using speed lights with Rogue Flash Benders and other continuous lights. The result is an amazing portrait or product shot that you can take in any ambient lighting!




The main thing to remember in order to get an amazing portrait using the SQIBB technique is getting the lighting just right. The settings in camera are as equally important. In order to get these shots, I had my ISO set to 100, shutter speed at 1/250, and a variant f/stop, depending on the ambient lighting. Because I was inside for all of these shots, my f/stop remained at f/11.


In this picture, I used a light bar to get the blue accents on the camera itself. I also lowered my shutter speed to 1/60 because of the additional light.


I did little to alter in post, except to sharpen, smooth, and add or detract color to each picture to my liking.

Using this technique will put you well on your way to capturing some amazing portraits and amazing product shots!

Check out Caryn Esplin’s student’s work creating amazing portraits using the SQIBB technique here!